Peter Nilsson


Swedish drummer with long experience


Peter Nilsson has established himself as one of the most in-demand drummers in Sweden. His varied and organic playing can be heard in many constellations, including Plunge, The Opposite, Loïc Dequidt Trio/Quartet, Cecilia Persson Sextet, lim, Anders Nilsson’s AORTA and Rain Sultanov Group.

He has also worked with such artists as Juhani Aaltonen, Lotte Anker, Raoul Björkenheim, Paul Bley, Eugene Chadbourne, Palle Danielsson, Marc Ducret, Peter Epstein, Agustí Fernández, Joe Fonda, Michael Formanek, Satoko Fujii, Tim Hagans, Mark Helias, Lindsey Horner, Hilmar Jensson, David Liebman, Tony Malaby, Marilyn Mazur, Joakim Milder, Michael Moore, Perry Robinson, Sten Sandell, Bobo Stenson, Tolvan Big Band, Tomas Ulrich, Miroslav Vitous, Kenny Werner and Lennart Åberg among many others.

Peter appears on more than 40 albums and has toured in over 20 countries.

Peter Nilsson