improvised music and more

the group

expEAR is formed out of the two words expression/explore and hear/ear. It is a dynamic group with Henrik Frisk, Maggi Olin and Peter Nilsson as its core. Guests will be invited to explore, listen and interact. Some of the goals of expEAR are to learn more about ways in which we as musicians and as group can develop, how improvised music can develop and communicated among us, and how it can be communicated to listeners.


New CD!!!

the project

expEAR is also a project with a strong aspect of developing new knowledge about improvisation. Questions adressed may include:

  • How can we explore the language of improvisation in a time when theory is asynchronized with practice?

  • How can we achieve a balance between the tradition and new expressions?

  • How can we learn to adopt to others aesthetics of playing, yet remain true to our own stylistic preferences?

the guests

Josefine Cronholm

In May 2015 we will work with Josefine Cronholm, an extraordinary Swedish singer residing in Copenhagen. She has run a number of projects as a leader but is also know for her work with Django Bates.


Katt Hernandez

In January we will work with Katt Hernandez, a wonderful violinist and composer and an excellent improviser. Katt, originally from USA, is a resident of Stockholm since a few years and is the perfect guest to launch expEAR.


Drew Gress

For December 2015 we have invited bass player Drew Gress to work with us. With Drew we will work on our original compositions along with some of Gress’ compositions.